During the past seven years, Carol Costa-Smith has been a life saver and friend to my 89 year old mother and 95 year old stepfather. Recently my mother slipped into end-stage Dementia and was hospitalized. She was in an Assisted Living facility located in Citrus Heights and they were no longer able to care for her once she was released from the hospital. Since she could not go back to Assisted Living, the hospital contacted a placement service who subsequently placed her in what turned out to be an unsuitable living arrangement based on her Dementia problems. Living over 2000 miles away, I was at a loss as to what to do. I called Carol to update her on what was going on with my mother. Carol took it upon herself to visit my mother in the new facility and recognized at once that she was not getting the proper care and understanding that a person with her condition should be getting. Carol immediately called me to let me know that my mother should be moved, recommended a new placement service that deals with Dementia patients, found a suitable living arrangement, and had her moved within two days. There is no doubt in my mind that Carol saved my mother’s life. My mother is now receiving excellent care from individuals who are familiar with the needs and requirements of an end stage Dementia patient. Had Carol not found this new facility for us and gotten personally involved in my mother’s well-being, my mother would have likely passed on within a few days. Carol recognized a very bad situation and took steps to get it corrected immediately. She obviously cares for her clients’ well-being. I will forever be grateful to her for her kind, friendly, and sensitive feelings toward my mother. Sincerely, Joan W., Westerville, Ohio Dear Carol, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for Keith and I. You took away so much stress and helped me in many ways… Thank you. Sincerely, Marguerite F., Roseville, California

Dear Carol, We were at our wits end. How were we going to get help for our adult son when a social worker at Kaiser Permanente South told us to call you. “I know they really help seniors with their Med-Cal problems. Perhaps they can help with your son.” And you did. Thank you for your expertise in helping our son obtain Medi-Cal. Without your knowledge and skill to navigate through the myriad of procedures and rules, we would have given up, and our son would have been lost. The complication of the procedure is almost overwhelming. While most of the workers in the system are helpful, it is an extremely fatiguing process. The system seems designed to discourage application for Medi-Cal and other State and Federal aid programs and we can now understand why there are so many people walking the streets without aid and without hope. Because of your ability, you gave us hope and patience and kept our frustration level at a manageable level. Because of your knowledge and calm spirit, we are confident that the State Workers were cooperative rather than resistant. We modeled your behavior and found the same attitude was helpful with the various “gatekeepers” and were able to enlist them to be helpful rather than adversarial. We are so grateful for you diligence with the State and your patience and loving kindness with us. Bless you and your staff, Jack and Pat, Roseville, California

Dear Carol, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the services you rendered to me in behalf of my mother, who had a stroke. There were some things that you did, and continue to do, that were, and are, very important. When besieged by the voluminous things that occur when a loved one faces a serious illness, you did not tell me where to go for what information. Instead, you explained things and accompanied me. You assisted me in securing my mother’s assets and in coping with a slow-moving illness, you did not tell me where to go for what information. Instead, you explained things and accompanied me. You assisted me in securing my mother’s assets and in coping with a slow-moving insurance company providing extended care coverage. You assisted me in working with government agencies, Kaiser health care, a nursing facility, and an insufferably slow Medi-Cal system that took some seven months to complete my mother’s case. I especially appreciate the assistance with the tedious aspects of you help in regard to Social Security, my mother’s you have given is evidenced by the tome-like file you have maintained in my mother’s case, relating to all aspects of the effort to allow her to be in the comfortable care in which she has now been placed. Anyone who goes through what I did can truly appreciate you services. I could not come to you for answers because I did not know what questions to ask. I feel you acted in the best interests of my mother, her family, and her estate while looking out for issues that most persons would not know to consider. You covered all the bases, and for that I am very grateful. Many thanks for what you have done. I’ll enjoy our continued working relationship as thing change in the future. Sincerely, David D., Lake Worth, Florida

Dear Carol, I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the time and energy you put in while helping this old man of 85 years who is also “hard of hearing.” Your expertise in handling Medi-Cal and especially Long-Term Care has proven invaluable. Thanks, Thomas C., Sacramento, California

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the high quality service that I have received from your office and staff over the past year and a half. Walking me through the complex Medi-Cal qualification process after my husband’s devastating stroke took great patience and knowledge on your part. You have never failed to be helpful and supportive. Your advice has been accurate and prompt. What continues to impress and reassure me during this stressful time is that your customer service did not stop with the Medi-Cal application. Long after paperwork was signed and filed, you are still there to answer questions, assist with renewal applications and explain matters to me as they arise. You are welcome to use this letter as a recommendation to others in hopes that they can benefit from your expertise in this area as I have. Sincerely, Susan B., Granite Bay, California

Dear Carol, Thank you so much for meeting us again to update my Mom’s condition (Alzheimer’s) and our plan to care for her. As you know, we are not people of means and every penny counts in providing the care for her that she has earned and deserves. As important as the financial planning advice is, your caring and compassion for my sister and me at this most difficult time in our lives is lifesaving. What you don’t know is last year I got cancer from the stress. Thanks to people like you and the Alzheimer’s Association that referred us to you, I feel much more supported and not alone, so hopefully will not have a recurrence. We will update you as her care continues. God Bless you for this important work you do. We pray that you will be granted exempt status to continue this lifesaving work. Yours truly, Charlene W., Carmichael, California

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