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Light Source Insurance Solutions is continuously updating our list of resources, agencies, and professionals in the healthcare, tax, legal and senior fields who have proven themselves to be reliable and reasonably priced. Although we cannot be responsible for the conduct of those we refer, we can say that they come with high praise from other clients and have done excellent work in the past. In the process of caring for our clients, we are often told of the good and the bad treatment they have received from outside professionals. We make note of the bad. Those "highly recommended" we happily refer to you. We are happy to support those individuals and companies who serve the senior and disabled community. We at The Light do not want to do your job. We want to fill those needs that are not being filled, while working with those who already do their job best.

Some of our favorite links

If you are looking for a Skilled Nursing Facility, this is a great place to start: 

To apply for a lost Social Security or Medicare card, to order an income letter, or to find updated information with Social Security: 

Sacramento area caregiver support: 

Alzheimer’s Aid Society, Sacramento and Modesto. If you have a loved-one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, this is a great resource. We are thanked often for referring this support organization. 

Dementia Whisperers is another great resource. There is a “special language” that reaches those with dementia. Laura Wayman has developed CDs that can play in the background that affects the mood (calm, happy, etc.) of your loved-one with dementia. I also highly recommend her book published by John Hopkins University Press. 

Care Quest placement agency: My favorite resource for finding an Assisted Living or Board and Care/RCFE in the Northern California East Bay Area. Juliane and her staff regularly visit the facilities they refer to insure the placement is suitable. 

Good Faith Placements is my favorite resource for finding an Assisted Living or Board and Care/RCFE in the Orange and Los Angela Counties. Faith is an senior advocate who takes special interest in each of her clients, providing services above and beyond. She is truly amazing. 

Seniors First, Placer County: If they don’t have a program, they will tell you who does. This is the source of everything you need. Call and talk to a friendly person who will try to find the help you need. This is a non-profit with a long list of services, including Assisted Living or Board and Care/RCFE placement. They will even give you our number!!! 

Home Options Made Easy for elders saves you unnecessary frustration and time by only recommending housing options in the Greater Sacramento area that meet their high standards of care. 

Senior Care of Sacramento offers personalized and comprehensive senior care, including client assessment, placement, and advocacy, individualized long term care plans, and formal training programs for senior care professionals and caregivers. 

Senoir Living Map is an incredible resource for finding facilities all across the U.S. You have options to refine your search such as: Do they provide Memory Care, do they Accept Pets, is it a Residential Care Home or an Assisted Living. Locating facilities in your area has never been easier. 

Calvary Chapel, Lincoln CA. We go for the hugs when we are in the neighborhood. This is a new church meeting in a school. Great teaching, music, and peopl 

They did our website. Isn’t it great? 

We encourage anyone needing postal labels, stamps, and other related printing equipment to deal with Dymo. Their customer service is wonderful. When we had an issue with our address label and stamp printer they went above and beyond what we could have hoped for resolve our issue.

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