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Why do you need our help to qualify for Medi-Cal? 

Applying in person at Medi-Cal will not guarantee approval. A Medi-Cal Worker will interview you, provide you with the forms, and provide a list of documents to submit, but will usually not help you position your assets properly to qualify. 

The Medi-Cal process is complicated. Many people, especially seniors who are caring for an ill spouse, find the process too consuming and give up before completing the process. 

A Medi-Cal decision can take “up to” 45 days (often more). If a decision to deny is made after two months or more have passed, there is no way to go back and properly position assets for approval in those months, leaving you liable for medical costs. 

If the Medi-Cal Worker denies a case in error, will you know enough to effectively argue your case to the worker, and/or in a Fair Hearing? 

If your assets exceed Medi-Cal limits or your assets are not properly positioned, we will provide options for qualification that comply with Medi-Cal rules.

Medi-Cal is going through massive changes. In our first ten years of Medi-Cal qualification, we have had to file less than a dozen Fair Hearings (arguing successfully on the client’s behalf). Since April 2011, we have exceeded that number (still 100% successful). 

Since April 2011, our approvals have come back with Share of Cost errors, qualification month errors, or something else that needed an adjustment. It is important to have someone who knows what your benefits should be and knows how to get the necessary corrections made. 

Included in our services is advocacy support. Without our guidance, family members of the patient often receive erroneous information—sometimes well intentioned, and sometimes not—from hospital staff, facility staff, friends, attorneys and accountants. We have stopped the discharge of patients to home to be cared for by a disabled spouse or working family member, or to a private pay facility that the patient cannot afford. You have rights and options that will provide care for EVERYONE regardless of ability to pay.

Especially now that California has cut their Medi-Cal staff by one-third and there is no access to call your Medi-Cal eligibility workers directly, we highly recommend no one navigate the Medi-Cal application process on their own. (See actual Medi-Cal study of a focus group of 92 “low-income” applications between May and July 2011 of which only 41 had approvals by September 2011, with only eight applications still pending. Thirty were denied coverage, four had moved, and nine could not be reached.) Case Study Link: 

There is no good reason for any denial with a “low income” applicant. The Light would have first analyzed and explained the benefits of a Medi-Cal approval to determine suitability and provided a care plan, if needed, and a quote for future services. If asked to continue, The Light would then properly position the assets, prepare the application, and follow the case to completion. We make sure all months applied for are approved, the “Share of Cost” is figured correctly, and proper notifications of changes are submitted to Medi-Cal over the next year. We have NEVER lost a case. 

How can Medi-Cal Benefits help you? 

Medi-Cal will pay the monthly cost of a Skilled Nursing Facility once your “Share of Cost” is met. (Call for a free “Share of Cost” estimate.) 

If you are in a Board and Care or Assisted Living Facility, Medi-Cal may cover medical premiums, doctor visit and prescription co-pays, Part B Medicare and health insurance premiums, and medical supplies including incontinence needs. This will free up more of your income to pay for rent. (Call for a free evaluation) 

If you are living at home and are low income, you may qualify for some or all of your medical expenses, supplies, and prescriptions to be covered by Medi-Cal. (Call to find out if this program will benefit you.) 

If you are living at home and are low income, you may qualify for IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services) to pay a spouse or caregiver to provide in-home care. (Call to find out if this program will benefit you.) 

Is Medi-Cal the best choice for everyone? 

If you are a millionaire, there are fixed investments that will yield more interest than the cost of your care. Be careful of “Medi-Cal Experts” who will help you give your money away for a very hefty fee. Medi-Cal is not a good choice! Call us for more appropriate planning. 

If you have a large savings, your money could be first used for the comfort of you and your spouse. If your money can keep you home, or pay for a nice Board and Care (RCFE) or Assisted Living Facility (especially if it will keep a husband and wife together), Medi-Cal may not be the best choice or it may supplement the cost of care. Remember, your money is not an inheritance until after you no longer need it. 

Medi-Cal may not be the best choice if another plan, such as a reverse mortgage, will provide the best comfort in your later years. 

Your needs + Your financial situation + Your wishes = Your unique care plan. 

No two situations are the same. Call us. We are here to help. Remember, we serve ALL California Counties

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